Factory price automatic Nail Polish Bottle Filling Capping Machine

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  Factory price automatic Nail Polish Bottle Filling Capping Machine

Factory price automatic Nail Polish Bottle Filling Capping Machine
This machine is one of the traditional filling stoppering and capping equipment, advanced design, reasonable structure, can automatically complete filling,stoppering and capping process, is suitable for eye drop,e juice,and other vial bottles such as, no bottle no filling, no bottle no stoppering(plug), and other functions. Can be used stand-alone, and also can be used for filling line. This machine completely accords with the new GMP requirements

Features : 

1.Each stand-alone machine can be operated independently and linked;

2.PLC control, touch bottle operation, simple and convenient operation;

3.The use of international famous brand electrical components, performance and stability; 

4.The linear production line can be applied to the production of a variety of bottles by changing a small number of parts, and the adjustment is simple;

5.According to customer needs, customize the production of 2 heads,4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads and 12 heads.

6.Plastic bottles and glass bottles are customized according to customer requirements

we customized machine according to customer's request and product.


Main Technical Parameter:

Filling Volume



50-60 bottles/min 

Filling Precision


Power Supply


Capping Rate


Stoppering rate


Air Supply

1.3 m3/h  0.4-0.8Mpa


2.0 kw 


 550 kg 





The inserting dropper will save your product and save your cost.

The filling and capping are made of SS304/316.

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