Automatic Small Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

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Automatic Small Bottle Filling And Capping Machine

This machine is applied to filling ointment or liquid into various tubes or other container, specially, it can fill small caliber tube or bag.

This machine can convenient solve the exhaust problem when filling small caliber tubiform container or bag. The flexible tube releasing device attached with it can have the bottle receded in a coordinated mode during filling to get an automatic exhaust and flexible tube nozzle cleaning.

This machine uses the compressed air as the power, without any power supply.

This machine is ideal filling equipment to plastic tube, metal tube and Al-plastic composite tube.


——Technical Parameter——

Air pressure

0.6 MPa

Working pressure

0.1-0.5 MPa

Filling volume


Filling speed

20-60 bottle/min, 40-50 bottle/min

Filling accuracy


Air consumption

0.035m3/min, 0.045 m3/min

Overall size

450x450x1750 mm


80 kg

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