cup filling sealing equipment machine

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automatic stainless steel ice cream cone cup filling sealing equipment machine

What is the details of  Automatic cup filling and sealing machine?

This machine is a multifunctional high-speed full automatic machine specially designed for liquid or semi-liquid(such as water, milk, yogurt, olive oil, fruit juice, tomato sauce, honey) to be filled and sealed. 

The machine applied with world famous electrical and pneumatic components. High quality, high stability, long service life. 


What is the  workflow of  Automatic cup filling and sealing machine ?

Cup loading-filling-filling-filling-foils loading-twice sealing-output.

In addition, it can be customized that according to your special requirements.


What is the structure of  Automatic cup filling and sealing machine?

Aluminum mould: Aluminum Acid-resistant mould, with no deformation, corrosion-resistant features, high hardness, long service life;

Filling system: Storage tanks made of #304 stainless steel, volume can be customized. Filling volume can be adjusted freely, accurate high precision, anti-leak, you can add mixing system insulation and heating systems;

Sealing system: Constant temperature (intelligent temperature)  twice sealing, sealing heads made of copper, good thermal conductivity, strong;


What is the advatage of  Automatic cup filling and sealing machine?


1# According to client's sepcial requirements, provides the special design, more than 10 years experience in cup  filling and sealing machines, professional designer and worker so serve you.


2# We are factory and manufacturer, direct sales with competive price.

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