Motor Oil Bottle Blowing Filling Capping To Labeling Machine

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High Production Capacity Motor Oil Bottle Blowing Filling Capping To Labeling Machine

The high-precision power filling machine is especially suitable for filling of small glass bottle (1L or below) or PET bottle of 100ml-5000ml small package for high-grade edible oil including olive oil, rice bran oil, walnut oil, camellia oil, linseed oil, sesame oil, etc.

Motor Oil Bottle Blowing Filling Capping To Labeling Machine

This filling machine is flowmeter type, which adopt high accuracy ellipse gear flowmeter, abandon the disadvantage of one pump supply multiple flowmeter, it includes double inner flowmeter, avoid the unstable pressure because of multiple flowmeter pumped by only one pump, which will cause the low accuracy of filling, and keep the machine away from stopping by error of pump. The filling heads are individually working well even the pumps which controlling the other heads stop working, it mostly ensures the continues production.


Product features:
1. Adopt flowmeter to calculate the volume, high accuracy, high filling speed and easy maintenance.
2. Fill area is designed closed for dust prevention, conform to the food standard
3. Metering type of volume and gravity can be exchanged freely to satisfy different requirement of customers
4. Kep components are famous brands as Siemens, Chint, they are all standard, not customized, all components can be found in the market for easy maintenance
5. Adope the independent research and development one pump-double flowmeter metering type. The breakdown pump or meter can be shut off individually, others are continuous working without any affection. It can return to right after repaired while the machine is running.
6. Unique formula function. All bottles filling data will be saved in the system as one formula. 
Exchange bottle will activate the system easies without any adjustment. The button of formula will achieve all exchange, easy operation and useful. 
7. Fill machine have its own transit tanker, it is feeding the oil by level sensor in parallel, it is activated to supply the oil when the oil is low, Filling will be not affected by the distance and the height of raw materials to max keep the filling accuracy
8. Machine has automatic proofreading filling quantity. Enter the wrong valve will activate the PLC to calculate the right valve automatically, no need manually calculation and entering.
9. Filing range and quantity is adjustable, recycle the leaked oil without waste. Dual-speeding filling, adopt the invertor to control the pump rotating speed by quick at beginning and slow at the ending, no leakage 
10. Double reducer, double section belt, filling and capping are independent, and not effect each other, small bottle none-falldown, reducer is frequency controlled, to avoid the reducer damage by manual operation.
11. All pipe are SS303 corrugated pipe, free plasticizer which is from the traditional plastic steel pipe
12. The thickened frame have long lifetime without shaping


Product parameter:

 Item Class  2  4 6 8 10 12 16
Conveyor Length   6m  9m 9m 10m  11m 11m  12m

 Production Capacity


350  600 900  960  1200  1440   1920
Filling Volume   100ml-5L
Filling Precision   ±3g
Power Supply   380v±10%
Gas Supply Pressure 1.0-1.6MPa
Remark Production capacity calculated by 5L


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