Juice bag drink straw applicator

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Juice bag drink straw applicator,straw adhesive machine

Juice bag drink straw applicator
Drink straw applicator machine


1> Description

The drink straw applicator, it can stick the drink straw in a variety of drinks outer surface, to improve the packaging of beverage grade, and will be easy to use, it is particularly applicable to the surface of Tetra pak, brick cartons, plastic cups, plastic bottle and so on, adaptable to handle straight, U-type, or telescope straws. This machine adopts PLC control system can automatically transfer the finished product, straw transmission, straw cutting, products gluing, straws sticking and other processes. Operation more reliable and to meet international technical level of similar products. Suitable for aseptic paper box packaging with surface-bonded straw


2>Main technical parameters 
Dimension 1600 × 850× 1150mm 
Weight 370 kg 
Voltage 380/220V 
Frequency 50Hz 
Power 4.5KW (maximum power) 
Production:5000~7000 boxes / hour 
Single line feeding method 
Conveyor Belt Width 55mm 
Working pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa 
Maximum air consumption 100 liters / min

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