Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

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Coffee Capsule Filling Machine Automatic K Cup Filling Machine

Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
Linear Coffee Capsule Filling & Sealing Machine is automatic high-speed sealing machine. From drop cups, filling, put the film, print dates, twice sealing to out are all automatic operation. The electrical and pneumatic components are all using famous brands ( can be also customized by customers’ requirements), with stable quality, long life. It is mainly used in the products packing like: coffee powder, milk powder, rice, wheat powder and so on.

Technical Parameters:
Model NC-4/KC-4 NC-6/KC-6  NC-8/KC-8 NC-10/KC-10 NC-12/KC-12
Capacity 3000-4000cups/h 4000-5000cups/h 5000-6000cups/h  6000-7000cups/h 7000-8000cups/h
Filling Capacity 5-30ml 5-30ml 5-30ml 5-30ml 5-30ml
Total Power 4KW 4.5KW  5KW 5.5KW  6KW 
Air Consumption 0.65 cubic meters/min 0.68 cubic meters/min 0.70 cubic meters/min 0.73 cubic meters/min  0.78 cubic meters/min 
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz  220V/50Hz 
Temperature Range 0-300℃ 0-300℃  0-300℃ 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Machine Weight 800KG 900KG 950KG 1000KG 1100KG
Dimension (L*W*H) 3500*800*1750mm 3500*1100*1750mm 3900*800*1750mm 3900*1100*1750mm  3900*1300*1750mm

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