Automatic engine oil filling machine

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Automatic lubricating oil/lube oil/engine oil filling machine

Automatic engine oil filling machine

The stainless steel oil filling line can be used for oil,vegetable oil, salad oil, shampoo liquid, ediable oil 
oil filling machine 
oil filling plant

1. The engine oil  filling machine can be used for food and beverages (mineral water, pure water,fruit juice, tea, milk and the others), wine, salad oil, shampoo liquid ,and others .

2.all types of liquid filling for PET bottles, glass bottles and anomalistic bottles to filling.

3. The engine oil  filling machine business is an ideal choice for drink producer.

equipment features:

Multifunctional liquid filling machine has auto liquid filling system to realize constant level. The bottle orientation system adopts fixed distance, no accumulated tolerence error, to insure reliable bottle filling.

4.The filling system adopts clamp valve and the filling liquid doesn’t touch the valve directly, no leaking, very sanitary and trustable. The machine adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC, to insure high precision requirement. The micro adjustment is fast and convenient, and you just have to change some parameters. The whole structure is simple and easy maintain, which is suitable to many varieties of abnormity bottles. To change botte types, just need to change filling valve’s height and distance.

5.The contact part is 304 stainless steel.


Technical Parameter:



3.Bottle Cubage:0.1L-20L

4.Can Type: PET bottles, glass bottles and all kinds of anomalistic bottles

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