Automatic Weight Filling Machine

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Automatic Weight Filling Machine Lube Oil Filling Machine 

Automatic Grade Automatic Filling Value Head Single-Room Feeding
Feed Cylinder Structure Single Room Packaging Container Lifting Structure linear
Filling Type Common Pressure Filling Heads Multi head
Capping Heads elevation type Filling Principle Pressure Pressure
Structure Weighting Type Unscrambler External Dimensions  1500 ~ 5000mm x 1300mm x 2300mm
Power AC380V,50HZ,3.5KW Air Consumption >=0.6Mpa
Filling Accuracy ±0.5% Weight Of Machine about 450 ~ 850kg

Note: max filling speed according to the nature of liquid, filling amount, shape of container and seal conditions will have change. 

This machine is suitable for fluid 1 kg to 5 kg weigh filling, automatically count into the bottle, on-board weighing measuring, filling, conveying a bottle and a series of operations. Especially suitable for water, cooking oil and rapid quantitative filling of oil change, food, medicine, cosmetics and chemical industries such as the ideal packing machine.
Adopt high quality stainless steel material manufacturing. The machine safety, environmental protection, health, beauty, can adapt to various working environment.
The machine using programmable controller (PLC), touch screen, weighing instrument for control. The bucket change adjustment convenient, fast. Can be carried out in the touch screen and parameters setting, the school scale, filling quantity adjustment, memory function and parameters.
Filling head adopts double speed filling, filling with diving and vacuum suction function back, filling process is not dripping. Container with liquid level control, automatic feed pump. The machine frame is made of stainless steel frame of environmental protection, beautiful appearance.

Automatic Weight Filling Machine

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