Automatic Bottle Oil Filling Machine

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Automatic Bottle Oil Filling Machine For Edible Cooking Vegetable Oil/Engine Lube Lubricants Oil

Automatic Bottle Oil Filling Machine
How It Works:
The piston is drawn back in its cylinder so that the product is sucked into the cylinder. A rotary valve then changes position so that the product is then pushed out of the nozzle instead of back into the hopper.

This type of piston filler is best suited for viscous products that are paste, semi paste, or chunky with large particlates. These piston fillers are built to meet food grade standards and can also handle various chemical applications.

Heavy sauces, salsas, salad dressings, cosmetic creams, heavy shampoo, gels, and conditioners, paste cleaners and waxes, adhesives, heavy oils and lubricants.

This lower cost conventional technology is easy to understand for most users. Fast fill rates are achievable with fairly thick products. Warning: this technology is nearly obsolete with the advent of servo positive displacement fillers.

Data sheets

Data sheets


Name and model

 Computer servo filling machine

Max filling speed

filling 200ml, 2400~3000 pcs/hour, speed will be different when bottle shape and neck size and the filling material forming and other physical property

Applicable bottle diameter size


Φ20 ≤D≤Φ100mm

Applicable bottle height size

30≤H≤300 mm

Filling dose

100~ 1000ml

Filling accuracy



AC220V, single phase, 50/60HZ



Working pressure


Air consumption

600L one hour

Net weight

850 Kgs

Machine size(L*W*H)


Machine direction

from left to right

Operation process

put products on conveyer—>Block bottles—> sensor count the empty bottle—> 6 bottle come into the filling station —>lock bottles —>starting filling —> filling finished —> loose Block bottles—> Output bottles


Object sensor

KEYENCE  (Janpan )


Airtac or SMC (according customer requirements)



Touch Screen


Basic construction

SUS304 & anodized aluminum alloy

Material contact parts made

SUS304 or SUS316 according order

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