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oil filling machine

oil filling machine pneumatic

oil filling machine
This machine is a flow meter filling machine, which controls the filling volume by using the principle of flow meters. The filling is controlled by a programmable controller PLC. When the filling valve is opened, the material flows into the container to be transported by itself.
The filling part of the machine realizes ft filling and slow filling through double cylinder. After the initial filling of the cylinder, the double cylinder is converted to the stroke 1 and quickly converted to the stroke 2 for quick filling. After filling to the ft filling set, the submergence cylinder rises to the barrel, and the double cylinder is converted to the stroke 1 to continue the slow filling until the overall filling amount is set.

1. the advantage of flow meter way: The adjustment in dosage is convenience and quick, the volume only need to be set on the touch screen directly, considered that the vegetable oil is different in density in the different temperature, resulting in the volume setting different, we have added an automatic temperature-compensated system. 
2. the accuracy of filling: instead of the traditional computing type of flow meter -- through pulse generator, now promoted by our company, adopting rotary encoder is more accurate.
3.the speed of filling: instead of the traditional power delivery -- pressure artesian flow, our machine adopting frequency converter to adjust the speed of filling, the efficiency highly raised. The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted on panel. the adjustment of filling accuracy, promoted by our company, the weight of filling can be set on the touch screen.

Parameter 4 nozzles oil filling machine---Technical

Product name Factory direct 4 nozzles oil filling machine pneumatic
Material Stainless Steel
Filling head 2/4/6/8/10/12
Filling capacity 1-20L
Filling type Flow meter
Filling speed 400-500b/h
Filling accuracy ± ≤ 0.1% FS
Size 1100*1060*1720(mm)-2 heads
Voltage 220v/380v
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