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6 heads automatic edible food oil filling machine for bottle

6 heads automatic edible food oil filling machine for bottle

This Tiny filling error  6 heads automatic edible food oil filling machine for bottle adopts serve ball-screw system to drive the piston cylinder. It's widely used in Food, Chemical, Medical, Cosmetics, Agrochemical industry, applicable for filling liquid, especially for high viscosity material and foamy liquid, such as: Oil, Sauce, Ketchup, Honey, Shampoo, Lotion Lubricant oil, etc. And it is suitable for barrels, jars and bottles of  different sizes, shapes and volumes.

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Features & Benefits:

1. Available with standard conveyor or with pucks for unstable bottles
2. Flexible design
3. Very fast and easy changeover of format size
4. Docking filling station model available
5. Diving nozzle with bottom-up filling

6. Filling error minimum

Personalized customized models-Activate Your Oil Business with Our Expertise, Experience, and Enthusiasm

We integrate complete packaging lines or single pieces of equipment with the professionalism and expertise you require. And we have developed a three phase approach to line integration which is adapted to the unique needs of each project:
1. Engineering Evaluation
– where our regional sales managers and engineers work with your project leaders to determine exactly what equipment you need to meet the line output requirements. We then review the specifications and generate solutions and costing for the proposed line with equipment made by BellatRx and from third party suppliers.
2. Equipment Procurement and Line Development
– all factors are reviewed and taken into consideration to meet the Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) or User Requirement Specification (URS).
3. Implementation
– the project is brought to a conclusion with installation of the equipment, conveyors, and utilities in the specified space and the project is commissioned to obtain the designed output.

Parameter of   6 heads automatic edible food cooking oil filling machine
Filling Volume
Filling Nozzle
8 nozzles
Filling Error
Suitable Filling Material
Oil, shampoo, detergent, sauce, honey, etc.
Suitable Barrel Length
Suitable Barrel Width
Suitable Barrel Height

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