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Water washing filling and capping machine

Bottle Water washing filling and capping machine 3 in 1 CGF18186

Water washing filling and capping machine
Product Application

The machine set washing, filling and capping into one multi-functional automatic joint unit, which applies to all kinds of non-carbonated soft drinks, automatic flushing oil and vinegar, wine, mineral water, purified water, filling, sealing, the wire unique design, innovative style, fully functional, adaptable, easy operation, appearance beautiful shape, high degree of automation, is currently the best filling equipment.
Bottle by bottle air delivery system by dialing sent to triple star wheel bottle filling machine. Washer bottle back on the folder containing the turntable, bottle clamp onto the bottle along a rail flip 180 °, so that the bottle down. In the specific area washer, nozzle red bottle sterilization or water, rinse the inner wall of the bottle. After rinsing the bottle, drain the rail and then flipped 180 °, so that the bottle upward along the folder holding the bottle under. Wash bottle after bottle by dialing star wheel is derived from the washer and transferred to the filling machine. Into the bottle filling machine pallets stuck by bottlenecks bottle maintained. Filling valve by valve lift mechanism to achieve decline with the rise in the cam. Filling pressure filling method adopted. Decline after contact with the bottle filling valve opens to complete the filling process, after the end of the filling filling valve rise to leave the bottle, bottle capping machine transition trackwheel to enter through the card bottleneck. Capping Machine only rotary knife stuck in the bottleneck on the site, keeping the bottle upright and prevent rotation. Capping Capping Machine Head held on the revolution and rotation, to achieve cam caught at cover, sleeve cover, cap, cap off the action, complete the capping process. Finished out of the bottle by bottle capping machine to dial transferred from the bottle on the conveyor, the conveyor send out triple bottled machine. Machine equipment using sealed windows closed, sealed windows height above the highest point of the device, into and out of the bottle at the left right channel, sealing the bottom left window ventilation slots.

Main Technical parameters:

Model CGF18186
Heads of washing, filling , sealing 18-18-6
Production capacity(bottle/hour) :5000-6000BPH (500ml)
Suitable bottle diameter(mm): φ=50-100 H=170 330-1500ml
Spraying pressure: 2~3 Mpa
Motor power Main motor: 3.5kw
Overall dimension(LxWxH): 2000x1800x2250mm
Weight: 3000kg
Electronic control keys: Mitsubishi, Siemens
Air-actuated component, solenoid valve: FESTO (Germany)
Transducer: PLC, Japan

Main Features
1 The machine is compact structure, perfect control system, easy operation, high degree of automation.

2. material contact parts are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.

3 high-precision, high-speed quantitative filling valve, liquid level accurately without loss, to ensure good filling quality.

4 capping head adopts constant torque device which cover quality assurance, and will not damage the cap.

5 Cover with efficient management system, a perfect cap feeding and protection device.

6 offers the perfect cleaning management system to ensure the quality of the filling before washing.

7 transform bottle shape, just replace the star wheel and curved panels can be realized, simple, and convenient.

8 has a perfect overload protection device can effectively protect the machine and operator safety.

9 This machine adopts frequency conversion motor, can easily be adjusted appropriately production capacity.

10. major electrical components, inverter, photoelectric switches, proximity switches, electric control valves, are used MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SCHNEIDER imported components to ensure excellent performance of the machine.

11 water level control system with automatic control, lack of cover detection alarm, alarm and red bottle since stopped counting class production and other functions.

12 air system all components are used in Taiwan AIRTAC Products.

Detailed Images
Machine Parts

Name: washing part

Matrical: SUS304

Original: CHINA

Main Features

Namel: Filling part
Matrical: SUS304
Original: CHINA
Machine Parts

Name: Capping (sealing) part
BMaterical: SUS304
Original: CHINA

Main Features:

Name:  Electric appliance
Brand: Siemens, Mitsubishi
Original: Germany , Japan
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